Virtual Reality Surgery, Conjoined Twins Separated

A Rare Virtual Reality Surgery, Conjoined Twins Separated

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Virtual Reality Surgery Conjoined Twins: Virtual reality is becoming a new trend at a fast pace. Everyone has seen VR movies. But now, a rare kind of virtual reality surgery has been performed to separate conjoined twins. This surgery was carried out in Brazil at Paulo Niemeyer State Brain Institute in Rio and remained successful. A team of 100 did this tedious task.

The virtual reality surgery was performed on conjoined twins Bernado, and Arthur Lima, who were joined at the head, and their brains were also joined. They were born in 2018 in Brazil. It was the most complex type of surgery.

The twin boys were joined at the cranium, and since birth, they had to spend most of their time in hospital. The twins had several vital blood vessels in common, making the separation quite complex. There was the highest risk of survival.

The doctors had to perform nine operations and spend 27 hours on virtual reality surgery to separate three-year-old twin boys. The huge task started on 7th June and finished on 8th June. London-based medical charity Gemini Untwined helped in carrying out the surgery.

The team created a digital map of the cranium of boys based on brain scans and did a trial of virtual reality surgery before carrying out the real one. The surgeons say that this practice made it quite easier to perform the actual surgery. This surgery was performed under the supervision of surgeon Noor ul Owase Jeelani from Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

Dr. Mufarrej said that the twins are still in hospital and are under observation. They will have to go through a rehabilitation period of six months.

Thanks to virtual reality as it made it possible for the doctors, present at different locations, to carry out the surgery together.

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