A movie-esque train theft ring busted by the French police; robbed victims wearing wigs


The French police have apprehended a suspect and his accomplices, part of a highly sophisticated robbery ring that targeted first-class passengers on high-speed French trains. 

As per a BBC report, the man caught, alongside two others have confessed to carrying out the thefts on French trains. 

Moreover, the police, based on intel and statements by the apprehended conducted a raid at a small flat near Marseille’s Saint Charles station where it found a stockpile of stolen goods.

170 wallets, 150 pieces of luggage, hundreds of pairs of sunglasses, and $137,000 in small denomination of cash among other items have been discovered in the flat. 

The gang, which has stolen items worth $300,000, according to the police, usually operated as a high-functioning group. 


As per the authorities, the men in their 40s and 50s used to board the train from different parts of the country and to different routes. One might take a ticket from Paris to Nice while the other would take a ticket from Paris to Marseille. 

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One of the gang members that has been caught would wear a wig, elaborate costume, and make-up and disguise himself as a woman before sitting beside the unsuspecting passengers.

The skilled accomplices of the disguised man would then cleverly nick the wallet and luggage left at people’s feet or bags left unattended. After doing the needful, they would get off at the next station without any fuss. 

The gang came under the spotlight after a woman, leaving the train at Aix-en-Provence station, earlier this year reported to the police about a robbery. reportedly, the woman had been robbed of her bag which contained $50,000 worth of jewellery.

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Since then, the authorities had been working to nab the gang which they claimed was ‘perfectly organised’ with each member knowing their role well. 

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