7 Bodies Found Dumped in the Mexican Tourist Area

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Mexico Dead Bodies Found: Seven badly battered bodies of men were found dumped in the Huasteca region of Mexico on Thursday which is a picturesque coastal destination and is very much popular among the tourists.

The corpses also had an ominous message written on them.

The warning scribbled on the dead bodies read, “This is what happened to me for working with the Gulf.” This message is a clear reference to the highly-violent Gulf cartel which operates primarily along with the US border in the north.

The messages were also signed as, “Valles Operation O.B.,” which is a reference to a rival gang.

Last week, prosecutors in San Luis Potosi state said that it did not seem that the bodies belonged to the township of Aquismon, where they were found on Thursday. It is possible that the men might have been killed somewhere else and then were dumped along a roadway lying in the rural area.

Photos of the bodies were taken and they show extensive bruising on the corpses. It appeared that the victims had been beaten badly.

The region of Huasteca has always remained popular with tourists from Mexico for its eye-catching waterfalls and crystalline rivers.

Last month, the US Justice Department declared the extradition of former Gulf cartel leader 57-year-old Mario Cardenas-Guillen to Texas on the charges of drug trafficking stemming from a 2012 federal indictment.

DEA Administrator Anne Milgram said that for decades, the Gulf Cartel had been using intimidation and extreme level of violence to keep control of its territories in the northeast Mexico region and also smuggled deadly drugs into the communities across the United States.

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