40th Consecutive Rotisserie Chicken Eating Day, Hundreds Cheer the Red Carpet


It was the 40th consecutive day that the Philadelphia man Alexander Tominsky ate the rotisserie chicken. Hundreds of enthusiasts witnessed this occasion.

He achieved this feat on Sunday near South Philly Walmart. A makeshift red carpet and a table covered in a white tablecloth were there to grace the occasion.

The viewers were carrying signs having written motivational quotes on them. Some brought folding chairs. One viewer came in the costume of a chicken.

31-year-old Alexander Tominsky is also popular as the Philadelphia chicken man. He works as a waiter at Barclay Prime steakhouse in Philadelphia. He has been eating rotisserie chicken for the last 40 days continuously. Sunday was his 40th day.

Before this day, the flyers were posted in South Philadelphia to tell the people that Tominsky was going to achieve the feat publicly. He also tweeted about this.

The attendees kept on cheering Tominsky when he was chomping away at the rotisserie chicken.

40 days ago when Tominsky started to eat this chicken, he could eat the full bird in twenty minutes, and that too without applying sauce. But slowly with time, he started taking more time in consumption. On the 40th day, he tried his best to consume the chicken as fast as possible so that the onlookers do not get bored.

Before taking his last bite, he stood up, held the plate in one hand, and played the song Bruce Springsteen’s “Streets of Philadelphia.” He screamed “It’s just you and me, my friends”, plunged his face into the plate, and finished off the bird. People around him started hailing him by calling him a hero.

After the event, Tominsky said that he would never eat rotisserie chicken again.

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