4,000 Beagles to be given homes by U.S. Animal Rescue Groups

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Homeward Trails Animal Rescue Beagles: Here is some good news for animal lovers. The rescue teams across the U.S. are on the path of providing homes to 4,000 rescued dogs. The teams have rescued these beagles from the Envigo research facility located in Virginia.

The U.S. Humane Society and the U.S. Justice Department are both working together to provide shelter homes to these cute dogs as soon as possible.

The research facility breeds and uses these dogs for pharmaceutical research and testing purposes. The rescue teams found that the facility was not following the federal rules and regulations. Also, the dogs were kept under the worst conditions.

Earlier, two inspections were done on the facility. One inspection team reported that various inhumane and painful procedures were being done on the dogs and the puppies. They were even euthanized without giving sedatives.

Another report shows that the facility used to keep dogs under uncomfortable and extremely hot conditions. The dogs and the puppies used to feel distressed due to this.

Mark Warner and Tim Kaine of Virginia made these reports public this year. After the reports came into the public domain, the authorities came into action. And last week, a federal judge passed the order to rescue these dogs and has given sixty days’ time to the Federal authorities to rehome the rescued beagles.

The rescue operation:

The authorities are taking the help of rescue organizations all across the U.S. to arrange for homes for the dogs.

John Ramer is also planning to get some property on lease for the rehabilitation of dogs. Ramer is the executive director of the Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary located in Wyoming. The organization has also purchased a van for $65,000 to transport the dogs from Virginia to Wyoming.

An organization in Virginia, Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, rescued around 500 beagles from the Envigo facility earlier this year. It also signed an agreement with the facility to get the extra beagles settled as the facility was not able to handle them due to the pandemic COVID-19. Most of them got new homes.

Homeward Trails is also planning to get the pregnant dogs and the puppies from the facility so that it does not have to take them to faraway places as it will be difficult for them to travel so long.

The rehabilitation process:

Even though lots of people are contacting rescue organizations, providing new homes to these rescued dogs is going to be a tedious task.

First of all, the rescue organizations will have to ensure that the dogs are not facing any medical conditions or ailments. For this, the dogs will have to go through medical inspection and treatment. They need to be sterilized as well. This task is going to be a bit expensive.

The task is much more difficult in the case of adult dogs. People tend to adopt puppies faster compared to adult dogs.

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