‘29-Foot Crocodile’ Found in Maine, Netizens Getting Fooled


Nowadays, it has become quite easier to trick people on the internet. Every now and then several videos and pictures keep on surfacing about various claims. Such a video has surfaced recently.

A video of a 29-foot (9-meter) long crocodile is making rounds on the internet. According to the video, a huge crocodile is spotted in Maine lake. The video is also claiming that it is the world’s largest crocodile.

The Reality of the Maine Crocodile Video and its Origin:

Let us find out about the reality of the video.

The video made its first appearance on the Internet several years ago but it is going viral now on Twitter with the claim of locating the world’s longest crocodile in Maine lake.

It was shared on the Twitter on 20th of November. Since its resurfacing, it has gathered more than 9 million views.

The video is actually a scene from the movie Lake Placid, released in 1999, and it is just fooling internet users with all false claims.

The movie was about a 30 feet long crocodile that lived in Maine lake. The crocodile was created for the movie by Stan Winston and his team using certain special effects.

The origin of video belongs to the Stan Winston School of Character Arts as the video bears the watermark of the school logo. The full video is available on the official channel of the school on YouTube. It was a part of the project on the topic of ‘Building the 30-Foot Animatronic Crocodile.’

Presence of Crocodiles in Maine Lake:

Till now no presence of crocodiles has been noticed in Maine lake. The reason is that crocodiles are among those species that like to remain in warmer weather. But the weather at the Maine lake is quite cool and not suitable for them. In the winter season, the temperatures here go below zero.

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